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For us, working in luxury events means providing a quality product through the use of safe and elegant settings and cutting-edge design products. The constant annual updating of the catalog by replacing old materials with new elements has always kept us updated on the major national and international productions.
Here are some of our services: Rental of crystal chandeliers, free-standing arch structure, empire style chandelier, baroque style chandeliers, uplights for lighting historical facades, directional spotlights for direct lighting of centrepieces, pinspots, pinwashes, chandeliers in velvet and with fringes, rattan and bamboo lampshades of various sizes, boho chic chandeliers, macramé chandeliers, fairy lights, sting lights, vintage light bulbs, tunnels of micro LED lights, roofs of mini LED lights, light suspensions in rope, Tiffany-style lampshades, Hollywood-style giant letters, led neon signs with personalized writing, luminous scenographies, floating luminous spheres, illuminations, arches, rosettes, luminous furnishings. These are just some of the many services and products that Lion's Service Group Events can provide to Rental with assistance.

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The lighting design of the event is essential to complete its style. Cordless battery powered table lamps today are an outstanding choice for those who wish to enrich their guests' tables by using light as the best choice. The lamps will transform the tables into small living rooms. Large and welcoming lampshades will be the centerpiece of the environment. We rent different types of table lamps, from classic / vintage style to modern style.


We are the only ones in southern Italy to provide the rental of a transparent glass platform, this can be mounted both inside the swimming pool but also in lawns and luxury locations. We don't just think about the light but we are able to provide all those details that complete the event. We can rent platforms for ceremonies, structures for the Chuppah, the mandap, canopies, walkways, stages, wooden risers for civil ceremonies, wooden risers for religious ceremonies, coverings with fabrics and carpets of any color .


Among our exclusive services, we are able to rent the Chuppah structure in transparent plexiglass. Imagine it above our transparent glass platform suspended in a swimming pool... You will feel like you are living a dream between sky and water!

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