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Your big day has finaly arrived

Al that planning is about to pay off. Get your dancing shoes ready, we're bringing the party.


FULL PACKAGE : Ceremony/Aperitif/Riception/ After-Party

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Why should you choose our DJ at your event?Choosin wedding suppliers can sometimes be more complicated than expected. When it comes to music, how do you choose? One big difference is that our DJ is our agencyreflects the professionalism of the Lion's Service Group and works for you within our large family.There are no automatic reproductions but only live mixing and song selection according to your brief and the atmosphere you want to create.This is what you are paying for ;) 

The benefits of having our partner
in your wedding

Here are some examples of our values

We will always be available to answer your messages and answer your questions: an important part of what you are paying for is our advice and planning in advance.
Almost there...
We wil get ni touch with you a month before your wedding day to check in and finalise the party brief to run through the time sequence and music together. We wil also get ni touch directly with Cristiana or the venue for set-up times.

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Always attentive to the proposals of the Sicilian territory, Lion's Service Group have selected for you DJs who reflect our elegant, witty and at the same time novelty-seeking professionalism.

Book the date. If you think we are what you are looking for, we can send you a formalised quote, booking form and contract! A 30 per cent partial payment wil secure your date, with the balance due two weeks before your big day.
We will hold your date for a week to give you time to make the initial payment. Tailor-made. Once the contract is signed, we wil send you aquestionnaire where you wil add al e details of your wedding, details that wil be updated after each of our chats.

From time to time, we wil also send you some useful links to give you inspiration for your timeline and music.

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We are ready!!! Now it's our turn!!! After discussing the colours and dimensions of your party, let's move on to the realisation of your event.

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