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Projections on walls or facades are one of the many possibilities for customising an event. They can be done indoors or outdoors, on facades or objects. There are no limits, only imagination can help you make something truly unique. We will propose the most suitable technology to do so.

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Facade projections

Transform the facade of the venue with our projected digital backdrops. The wide choice includes floral themes, looping effects and the possibility of customised lettering. Our solutions include 10,000 or 18,000 ansilumen projectors for brilliant, high-quality images. All necessary video equipment is included in the service, ensuring hassle-free installation and spectacular results.

Facade videomapping

We use an 18,000 ansilumen projector to create high-quality, three-minute visual shows with fully customised audio and video. The visual effects are designed to perfectly follow the architectural contours of the building, transforming windows, doors and other elements into dynamic components that move to the beat of the music. This sensory experience will leave guests speechless.

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Indoor or outdoor patterns

We offer a wide range of pattern projection solutions, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Our supply includes mobile gobo projectors, available in static or dynamic versions, which can create impressive and scenic effects. You can choose designs from our catalogue or opt for customisation. In addition, you can programme themed scenes with a variety of colours and locations to make each event unique.


Logo projections

We offer highly efficient static projection solutions for names, initials or logos, ensuring impeccable visibility even from great distances. Our technologies ensure sharp projections on almost any surface, including the water line and large spaces. Ideal for events, ceremonies and promotions, our static projection transforms any environment into a stunning showcase for your brand or message.


Object mapping

Two-minute audio/video show, perfect for making objects to be advertised interactive, such as cars, or for turning wedding cakes into animated works of art. We use standard themes and effects, with the possibility of customising the names of the bride and groom and the date of the event. The service includes all the necessary technical audio and video equipment, ensuring a breathtaking and immersive experience.

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