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The use of lighting as a communication tool at events adapts to multiple purposes, changing according to the context of action. The use of lighting as a means of communication at events is multifaceted, changing according to the context of action. a concert, a theatre performance or a corporate meeting, lighting art takes on the task of creating a visual narrative or scenic effect 

Decorative Light

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Swarovski chandelier

Our Swarovski chandelier is made of crystal, each pendant sparkling with reflected light that dances delicately in its surroundings. But it's not just its luminosity that catches the eye: brushed gold details add a note of warmth and opulence to the chandelier, lending it prestige and sophistication. Versatile in suspension options, it can be mounted on free-standing arched structures or on supports found in the venue. It offers wireless lighting that is self-powered by battery or standard wiring.

String light vintage bulb

The starry sky string light vintage bulb is part of a lighting composition expertly created by us.
Strings of black wire, arranged with one-meter spacing, are harmoniously intertwined, creating a striking atmosphere. Each LED glass bulb gives off a warm white light, evoking the vintage charm of Edison lamps.
This starry sky blends the beauty of the night with the warmth and charm of vintage lights.

cielo stellato, Sicilia, misto, vintage
Lampadario Maria Antonietta, cristallo, Sicilia, eventi, wedding, elganza


Marie Antoinette chandelier embodies the elegance and luxury of royal palaces with its sumptuous clear crystal composition. With 6 or 10 arms, every detail is a tribute to opulence.
The candle-shaped, warm-light LED bulbs add a touch of warmth and intimacy to the room, creating an atmosphere as sumptuous as that of regal period rooms.
We have the option of suspending it on free-standing arch structures or on supports in the location, such as decorative hooks or tree branches, offering endless design possibilities.
With a wireless self-powered battery system or standard wiring, the Marie Antoinette chandelier adapts to the needs of any setting.

Impero chandelier

Offering timeless elegance, the antiqued crystal Impero chandelier catches the eye with its majesty. Every detail, adorned with brushed gold, lends sophistication and luxury.
Suspended on free-standing arched structures or supports found in the venue, such as decorative hooks or tree branches, it adapts elegantly to any setting. 
In addition, the self-powered wireless system with battery or standard wiring offers total flexibility, ensuring flawless lighting.
With two available sizes, H.90 cm DIAM.70 cm and H.60 cm DIAM.40 cm, this chandelier offers the possibility to choose the most suitable size to enhance any environment.

lampadario stile impero cristallo eventi wedding Sicilia
Lampada Boho corda macramè wedding Sicilia eventi

Boho Lamp

This lamp harmoniously blends modern, classic and ethnic elements. The boho lampshade is a weave of neutral, soft textures that evoke a sense of calm and serenity. Modern lines blend with classic handwork, creating a luminous work of art.
It is available in different sizes and can be chosen according to specific needs, ensuring a harmonious and proportionate design. We recommend selecting lampshades considering placement on buffets or dinner tables.
This lamp would be perfect in a beach or garden setting, adding a touch of bohemian charm, ideal for moments of relax and conviviality.

Pndora Table Lamp

Neoclassical design and high-quality materials give our new Pandora lamp a touch of elegance and sophistication.
It features clean lines, symmetrical shapes and classic ornaments that evoke a sense of refinement and grace. Made from high-quality materials such as brass and crystal, its beauty and timeless design make it an iconic piece of neoclassical-inspired decor. It gives off a soft glow that makes an already well-set table even more glamorous. 
It adorns centerpieces and creates an enchanting atmosphere for any special occasion.

lampada da tavolo Pandora cristallo ottone eventi wedding Sicilia
catenaria luci vintage edison wedding event Sicilia

Vintage lamp chain

The chain of hanging lamp holders is perfect for illuminating both indoor and outdoor spaces with a touch of vintage style.
The strong chain features black rubber cables that ensure durability and weather resistance. It is composed of E27 lampholders arranged with a 1-meter spacing, ensuring an even distribution of light throughout. In addition, the descents can be varied in different alternating sizes, allowing flexible customization of the installation.
This catenary is supplied with vintage lamps selected from our catalog that give a touch of authentic retro style. The vintage lamps, with their nostalgic design and warm lighting, will enchant anyone who walks under them.


Imagine walking through the narrow streets of an ancient Sicilian village during a traditional festival, and being enveloped in a folkloric atmosphere created by the illuminations that adorn the corners of the streets, all of this will be recreated in your event! These luminarias are true works of art, the result of the meticulous work of master craftsmen.
On request, you can customize the coloring of the bulbs, adding a unique and personalized touch to the light decoration. 
They can be hung on freestanding structures or directly on points in the location, allowing for special arrangements.
Available shapes include the classic rosette, available in different sizes and styles, the semicircle, arch and frieze.

luminarie rosone luci Sicilia wedding events
wedding cake grappoli di luce corde di luce alberi events

Bunches of light

Composed of strands of mini LEDs in warm white light, gently arranged cascading from tree branches, they simulate the effect of bright clusters descending from the foliage, as if you were in an enchanted forest.
The warm white light of the LEDs lends warmth, while the cascading arrangement adds depth and dynamism to the scene. The result is an extraordinary visual experience.

Mother-of-pearl chandelier

An elegant pendant lamp, it creates a dreamy setting with the breath of the breeze gently caressing its white mother-of-pearl pendants harmoniously united with the matte gold metal of the structure.
Its natural design evokes the image of beach and seashells.
Equipped with a wireless system that is self-powered by battery or standard wiring, this chandelier offers total flexibility in installation. Suspended on a tall white free-standing arch, dinner tables or buffets, giving personality to the convivial moment.

lampadario in madreperla pendenti conchiglie wedding events Sicilia
PARALUMI IN TESSUTO bianco SU ARCO wedding events Sicilia

White fabric chandelier

Measuring 70 cm in diameter, it creates a modern, linear style that is perfect for contemporary and minimalist environments. Its simple and clean shape blends harmoniously into any space, adding a touch of brightness and no-frills design.
This chandelier offers the possibility of being suspended on different structures, such as free-standing arches, hook supports or tree branches, allowing total flexibility in installation. 
Its modern, streamlined design is distinguished by its restraint and simplicity, creating a bright focal point without requiring excessive ornamentation or detail.

Woven bamboo lamp

The hand-woven bamboo lampshade is a handcrafted piece that brings with it the warmth and cozy atmosphere of handwork. Crafted with skill and attention to detail, woven bamboo diffuses a warm light, creating a bright and decorative effect.
The warm-light, vintage-style LED bulb lamp perfectly complements the rustic, natural look of the bamboo lampshade, adding a touch of nostalgia and retro charm.
Available in different sizes and shapes, bamboo lampshades offer endless possibilities for customization and composition. This versatility allows you to create unique and original compositions in boho and country chic styles.

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