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Now as never before we work to provide you with the best designs for events large and small. We desire to be the only ones in the market who provide the best quality products. Lighting design is always evolving, let's design your stage and lighting set together.

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Moving bars

Mooving LED bars with customisable colours perfect for band performances or large sets that take over the entire event venue, these bars offer pixel-by-pixel control, allowing detailed and precise customisation. The retractable optics of the Mooving Bars move point by point, creating dynamic effects.

Vintage stage

Immerse yourself in the trend of the moment with our stages with vintage look, perfect for band performances. This style, which is increasingly in vogue, can be recreated using our technical lighting to evoke a retro and nostalgic atmosphere. Our lighting solutions will allow you to transform any stage into a backdrop reminiscent of times gone by, adding a touch of elegance and charm.

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 mooving head evento sicilia

Mooving head

300W LED BSW Moving Head, a versatile and powerful moving head ideal for any event. With a brilliant 300W LED source and super-smooth three-phase motors, it offers exceptional Beam, Spot and Wash effects. It can be configured with rotating or static effects and easily controlled by remote control, providing maximum flexibility. Perfect for theatre shows, events, DJ sets, band performances and more, the 300W LED BSW Moving Head is the ideal solution for creating party atmospheres.

Sound and
lighting projects

At Lion's Service Group, we tailor each event to meet specific needs. We take care of all technical aspects, sound systems, lighting, video, ensuring a flawless experience from start to end. Our full service includes setting up the equipment, technical support during the event and disassembly at the end, allowing you to focus fully on the success of your event. Rely on us for professional and customised management that will make every occasion unique.

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Light design

The lighting atmospheres we create are perfect both for highlighting band performances and for setting up entire rooms with style and creativity. Using advanced technologies and a wide range of customisable solutions, we can transform any space into an unforgettable visual experience. Whether it is a live concert or a special occasion, our light installations will make your event shine.

This is our Love

We offer customised indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, using high-power spotlights in different shapes and colours. Our aim is to enhance architectural elements and trees, creating refined visual effects. Whether lighting a historic facade, a garden or a commercial space, our creative approach will transform any environment, enhancing its unique characteristics.

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